Christmas in Lebanon’s Border Villages

Christmas in Lebanon’s Border Villages

Let’s talk about Christmas in a special place called Lebanon. While many people in big cities like Beirut are getting ready for a joyful celebration, something different is happening in the border villages in the south.

A Subdued Christmas

In these border villages, Christmas’s is not as lively as in other places. It’s a bit subdued, like a quieter and calmer celebration. Can you imagine having a Christmas’s that’s not as loud and busy?

Christmas in Lebanon's Border Villages

War Shadows in the Background

You know how sometimes shadows appear when there’s a light? Well, in these villages, there’s something called a war shadow. It’s like a big problem happening nearby, and it’s affecting how people celebrate Christmas’s.

Christmas : Busy Beirut vs. Quiet Border Towns

In the big city of Beirut, restaurants are full, and there are Christmas markets where people can buy and enjoy things. But in the border towns, it’s different. Houses are empty, and businesses are closed because many people had to leave their homes.

Christmas :Families Seeking Safety

Why did they leave? It’s because of something called a war. Families in the border towns had to go to other places, like Beirut, to stay safe. Imagine packing your bags and going to your relatives’ house for Christmas’s because it’s safer there.

Israel-Hamas War and Clashes

There’s this thing called the Israel-Hamas war that started on October 7. It’s like a big fight between two groups, and it’s happening near the border of Lebanon. People from a group called Hezbollah in Lebanon are involved too.

Daily Clashes and Losses

Every day, there are fights between Hezbollah and Israeli forces. It’s like a game of tag but not fun at all because it’s real and people get hurt. Sadly, around 150 people in Lebanon have lost their lives because of these fights, and some of them were just regular people, not fighters.

Christmas Away from Home

Can you imagine celebrating Christmas’s away from your home? That’s what many families in the border towns had to do. They left their houses, closed their businesses, and went to places far from the war to have a safer Christmas.

A Different Kind of Peace

Even though there’s a war nearby, people still try to find a kind of peace. It’s like when you’re sad, but you try to find something that makes you happy. In these border villages, they’re trying to have a peaceful Christmas’s, even if it’s different from what they’re used to.

Remembering Those Lost

Christmas’s is also a time when people remember those who are not with us anymore. In the border towns, they remember the people who lost their lives in the war. It’s like having a special moment to think about them and send good thoughts.

Wishing for a Better Tomorrow

In the end, even though Christmas’s is not as joyful in the border villages of south Lebanon this year, everyone is hoping for a better tomorrow. They wish for a time when there’s no war, and Christmas’s can be celebrated with laughter, happiness, and safety for everyone.